Upgrading Cacti to latest version

1. Backup the old Cacti database.

2. shell> mysqldump -l --add-drop-table cacti > mysql.cacti

Note: You will probably have to specify the -u and -p flags for the MySQL username and password. This user must have permission to read from Cacti's database or you will end up with an empty backup.

3. Backup the old Cacti directory.

4. shell> mv cacti cacti_old

5. Extract the distribution tarball.

6. shell> tar xzvf cacti-version.tar.gz

7. Rename the new Cacti directory to match the old one.

8. shell> mv cacti-version cacti

9. Edit include/config.php and specify the MySQL user, password and database for your Cacti configuration.

10. $database_default = "cacti";

11. $database_hostname = "localhost";

12. $database_username = "cactiuser";

13. $database_password = "cacti";

14. Copy the *.rrd files from the old Cacti directory.

15. shell> cp cacti_old/rra/* cacti/rra/

16. Copy any custom scripts from the old Cacti directory.

17. shell> cp cacti_old/scripts/* cacti/scripts/

18. Set the appropriate permissions on Cacti's directories for graph/log generation. You should execute these commands from inside Cacti's directory to change the permissions.

19. shell> chown -R cactiuser rra/ log/

(Enter a valid username for cactiuser, this user will also be used in the next step for data gathering.)

20. Point your web browser to: http://your-server/cacti/

If you need any help you can use cacti forums