GNUstep configuration in Debian

What is GNUstep?

GNUstep is a cross-platform, object-oriented framework for desktop application development. Based on the OpenStep specification originally created by NeXT (now Apple), GNUstep enables developers to rapidly build sophisticated software by employing a large library of reusable software components. GNUstep is used in production environments at several organizations.

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Install GNUstep in Debian

To get  minimum base install of X and the preferred window manager for GNUstep, do

#apt-get install x-window-system-core wmaker menu

Now install GNUstep

#apt-get install gnustep

This will install a meta package, which will install the core GNUstep software to get it to work.

If you want to install Other Packages you need to install the following

#apt-get install gnustep-devel gnustep-games gnustep-icons gnustep-tutorial