Install Iceweasel Web browser in Debian

What is Iceweasel ?

Iceweasel is a free software derivation of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Along with Gnuzilla it is the GNU attempt to create a version of Firefox which can be used by free software GNU/Linux and UNIX software distributions. It removes the unfree artwork and plugins that free software advocates considered to be problematic. Iceweasel is a fork of Firefox but will continue to synchronize with upstream releases in the future.

Download Iceweasel

Download Iceweasel Debian packages

Install Iceweasel in Debian

I have found Iceweasel debian packages from here Download latest available package from this


once you download this you can install using the following command

#dpkg -i iceweasel_1.5.0.8pre-2.deb

This will complete the installation.

Open Iceweasel Web Browser

If you want to open Iceweasel go to Applications—>Internet—>Icewease