MajorCool - Majordomo web interface,frontend or GUI Configuration

What is MajorCool ?

MajorCool is a CGI script written in Perl that provides a Web interface to Majordomo v1.9x*. It is intended to run co-located with the Majordomo program (ie, both list-server and Web on the same host). Employing a variety of Web/GUI techniques such as Balloon Help, Per-User Preferences, and MouseOver cues, MajorCool puts a friendly face on top of the Majordomo list management processes.

Majorcool Features

MajorCool was originally designed as an administrative front-end to the popular mailing list manager, allowing novice list-owners to manage their list configuration and subscriber base. With the easy-to-use password protected screens, list managers can

Edit the list config file. Presentation of the complex list configuration file is simplified through the intuitive use of HTML radio buttons and text fields.

Update the subscriber file via an easy-to-use text window. Changes to the list are converted to the appropriate individual approved subscribe and unsubscribe commands.

Manage the moderator's Approval Queue, deleting, rejecting, or approving BOUNCE messages that require review. No more messing with mail headers!

Edit files in the Approval Queue prior to action. Limited only by browser memory constraints.

Create or edit the list's info and intro files.

Download the list configuration file via e-mail.

In addition to its list administration functions, MajorCool also provides a site-oriented view of the list-server's lists. MajorCool extends the address matching capabilities of Majordomo through the use of configurable siteaddr modules, permitting external directory sources such as X.500 to supply name-to-address conversions and provide pattern-matching address comparisons. These features enable MajorCool to identify list subscribers by multiple valid addresses, allowing end-users to interactively:

View lists available on the server:

All lists on the system.

Unsubscribed lists.

Subscribed lists (regardless of the address used for subscription).

Lists with names or descriptions that match a certain pattern.

Subscribe or unsubscribe to any list.

View the list's info or intro files.

View members of a list.

Lastly, MajorCool provides a mailing list request mechanism, allowing end-users to ask that a list be created, renamed, or deleted. This request can be mailed to the Majordomo owner, or passed to an external program to perform whatever actions are desired.

Download Majorcool

Majorcool Documentation

Majorcool FAQ

Install Majorcool in Debian

Download the source from the above downloads link

Unpack the distribution

#mkdir majorcool

#tar xzf majorcool.tar.gz -C majorcool

#cd majorcool

Fix the Configure script

#vi Configure

change the PERLBIN variable to be set properly

PERLBIN="/usr/bin/perl" # How to start a perl script

#mkdir /var/www/cgi-bin

Now run the configure script and be ready for lots of questions


The most important questions are:

$ What is the root directory for your Web server?
$ [/etc/apache/]:<Enter>

$ Where is the cgi-bin directory for your Web server?
$ [/var/www/cgi-bin]:<Enter>
$ Will place the programs in /var/www/cgi-bin.

$ What is your server's URL for '/var/www/cgi-bin'?
$ [/cgi-bin]:<Enter>

To answer the next questions properly you need to

open Apache configuration file (typically /etc/apache2/apache2.conf).Check here for apache2 installation.

find there is a line starting with Alias /icons/

Usually it looks like Alias /icons/ /usr/share/apache/icons/

So the 2nd argument in line (/usr/share/apache/icons/) is the images directory

and the 1st one (/icons/) is the server's URL for it.

$ Where is the image directory for your Web server?
$ [/usr/share/apache/icons]: /usr/share/apache/icons
$ Will place the icons in /usr/share/apache/icons

$ What is your server's URL for '/usr/share/apache/icons'?
$ [/icons]: /icons

$ Where is the root directory for documents on your Web server?
$ [/var/www/]:

It is highly recommended to answer "No" to the following questions unless you
plan to supply your customers with list create/rename/delete abilities outside
of Confixx Control Panel. It is possible to turn the features below off after
the installation is complete.

$ Provide list CREATE access [Y]? N
$ Provide list RENAME access [Y]? N
$ Provide list DELETE access [Y]? N