Majordomo Configuration in Debian

What is Majordomo ?

majordomo - n: a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. From latin "major domus" - "master of the house".

Majordomo is a program which automates the management of Internet mailing lists. Commands are sent to Majordomo via electronic mail to handle all aspects of list maintenance. Once a list is set up, virtually all operations can be performed remotely by email, requiring no intervention upon the postmaster of the list site.

Majordomo Features

Supports various types of lists, including moderated
All list management activities are handled by email, so list owners don't need access to Majordomo server machine
Supports archival and remote retrieval of messages
Supports digests
Modular design - use only the features you need
Written in Perl - easily customizable and expandable
Includes support for FTPMAIL
Supports confirmation of subscriptions, to protect against forged subscription requests
List filters, based on header or body regular expressions

Download Majordomo

Source distribution (gzip'd) of current version (1.94.5) of Majordomo

Source distribution (compressed) of current version (1.94.5) of Majordomo

Source distribution (uuencoded) of current version (1.94.5) of Majordomo

Majordomo FAQ

Install Majordomo in Debian

Download Majordomo from this link

Unpack the software

#tar xzf majordomo-1.94.5.tar.gz

#cd majordomo-1.94.5

Create majordomo user and group using the following commands

#groupadd majordomo

#useradd majordomo -g majordomo

#cat /etc/passwd | grep majordomo

You will see the output line like the following one


read the 'majordomo' user id ('123' in sample output above) and group id ('123' in sample output above) in output.

Create installation directory for majordomo

#mkdir /usr/local/majordomo

Edit the makefile

#vi Makefile

Change the line with PERL variable definition to

PERL = /usr/bin/perl

Change the line with W_HOME variable definition to

W_HOME = /usr/local/majordomo

Change the lines with W_USER and W_GROUP variables definition to

(below are sample value use the UID and GID remembered above)

W_USER = 1000
W_GROUP = 104

set TMPDIR = /tmp

Edit the configuration file



Set $whereami variable to your host name and that is enough

$whereami = "";

Install the majordomo

#make wrapper

#make install

#make install-wrapper

Check the installation

#cd /usr/local/majordomo; ./wrapper config-test

You should see something like below

----------------------- end of tests -----------------------

Nothing bad found! Majordomo _should_ work correctly.

If it doesn't, check your configuration file
closely, and if it still looks okay, consider asking the majordomo-users
mailing list at "[email protected]" for assistance. Be sure
and fully specify what your problems are, and what type of machine (and
operating system) you are using.


I see you haven't registered this version of Majordomo.
By registering, you will be notified of patches and further releases
of Majordomo. Shall I send email to [email protected]
to register this version? (I'll cc [email protected])
[yes] no
Ooooh, like to live dangerously, eh?!
You have the majordomo installed. The further configuration will be performed by Confixx software.