Nagios Plugins on the Web

Nagios Plugins are available from download on the main Nagios site and the Nagios Exchange website. However, there are a lot of resource out their on the internet where some good plugins are found.

Official Nagios Plugin

 Nagios Exchange

Nagios SNMP Plugind from Emmanuelle & Patrick

Nagios Plugins at OpenFusion

Nagios Plugins at CPAN 

WebInject as a Nagios Plugin

Debian Nagios Plugin Package (STABLE) 

Debian Nagios Plugin Package (UNSTABLE)

check_clamav Nagios plugin 

Nagios Plugin RPM Packages at DAG for Redhat and Fedora 

Server blacklist & SIP device plugin at bashton

 Nagios Plugins RPM package for SUSE Linux

 Check_tftp & check_oracle_writeaccess plugins at Mathias Kettner

Nagios Plugin for OpenQRM