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 2015-08-02 DSA-3326 ghostscript - security update

William Robinet and Stefan Cornelius discovered an integer overflow in Ghostscript, the GPL PostScript/PDF interpreter, which may result in denial of service or potentially execution of arbitrary code if a specially crafted file is opened.

 2015-07-31 DSA-3322 ruby-rack - security update

Tomek Rabczak from the NCC Group discovered a flaw in the normalize_params() method in Rack, a modular Ruby webserver interface. A remote attacker can use this flaw via specially crafted requests to cause a `SystemStackError` and potentially cause a denial of service condition for the service.

 2015-07-30 DSA-3321 xmltooling - security update

The InCommon Shibboleth Training team discovered that XMLTooling, a C++ XML parsing library, did not properly handle an exception when parsing well-formed but schema-invalid XML. This could allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via crafted XML data.

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 2015-08-02T20:20:04Z GCC5
use the Bug macro instead of manually linking the bts
 2015-08-02T19:05:40Z WiFi
Added Introduction section. Relocated TableOfContent
 2015-08-02T18:42:35Z AutomaticPackagingTools
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 Sun, 02 Aug 2015 06:00:00 -0700 Kodi media player turns 15 with Isengard release

 LinuxGizmos: The XBMC Foundation's Team Kodi last week released version 15 of its popular, open source Kodi media player and home theater framework.

 Sat, 01 Aug 2015 18:00:00 -0700 Build your own NAS with OpenMediaVault

 HowToForge: OpenMediaVault is a Debian based special purpose Linux Distribution to build a Network Attached Storage (NAS) System.

 Sat, 01 Aug 2015 14:00:00 -0700 An open source mapping primer  Gordon Haff offers an overview of tools you can use to visualize open data sets and map the world around you.

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 Sat, 01 Aug 2015 11:12:17 GMT A company copes with backlash against the raise that roared
Three months ago, Mr. Price, 31, announced he was setting a new minimum salary of $70,000 at his Seattle credit card processing firm, Gravity Payments, and slashing his own million-dollar pay package to do it. He wasn't thinking about the current political clamor over low wages or the growing gap between rich and poor, he said. He was just thinking of the 120 people who worked for him and, let's be honest, a bit of free publicity. The idea struck him when a friend shared her worries about paying both her rent and student loans on a $40,000 salary. He realized a lot of his own employees earned that or less. Yet almost overnight, a decision by one small-business man in the northwestern corner of the country became a swashbuckling blow against income inequality. Whether you support his actions or not, ask yourself this question: what does it say about our society that a young man slashing his own salary to increase that of his employees draws more ire than a CEO raising his own salary to 70 times that of an average employee? Most mystifying of all, though, are the employees leaving because their coworkers got a pay raise to $70000, while they themselves already earned $70000. I don't understand this mindset. You still have your salary. You still get your $70000, except now your fellow men and women on the work floor also get it. Is your self-worth really derived from earning more than the people around you? Is your sense of self really dictated by how much more you earn than Jim from accounting or Alice from engineering? Maybe I'm just too Dutch and too little American to understand this mindset, but I firmly believe this world would be a massively better place if more CEOs cut their own salaries to raise that of their employees.
 Sat, 01 Aug 2015 10:49:49 GMT How does Voxel Quest work now?
If you're interested in the intricacies of game engine development, you should definitely keep track of Gavan Woolery's Voxel Quest. The latest blog post deals with a whole bunch of new stuff implemented in the voxel-based engine. The fact that VQ has undergone three tech revisions over two years probably seems a bit ridiculous, and maybe it is. Something like this would normally kill a game. That said, the point here is not just to make a game (plenty of people are doing that already), but to make a unique engine, and that could not happen in a vacuum. All I know is that I am finally happy with where the engine is at in terms of performance and flexibility, and I couldn't have gotten here without knowing everything I've learned since the start. So the most common question I get, of course, is how does this stuff work? It is actually simpler than it might seem. Voxel Quest is more about developing a unique game engine than it is about developing a unique game, but its developer wants to release the engine as open source so that others can do cool stuff with it too.
 Sat, 01 Aug 2015 10:43:38 GMT Why Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 for free
When Microsoft released Windows 95 almost 20 years ago, people packed into stores to be among the first lucky buyers to get their hands on this cutting edge new technology. Microsoft had an iron grip on productivity software in the enterprise, but even ordinary consumers were accustomed to paying hundreds of dollars for software. Two decades later, Microsoft is releasing Windows 10. But most people won’t have to rush out and purchase a copy. Anyone with a copy of Windows dating back to Windows 7 can upgrade for free, a first for Microsoft. Whether we're talking tiny smartphone applications, or entire operating systems, people now expect software to be free. It's a reality that, obviously, hurts software makers the most. If you'd told me only a few years ago Microsoft would adapt to this new reality this (relatively) quickly, I wouldn't have believed it. News   [more] [xml]
 2015-08-02T11:32:21+00:00 Distribution Release: Korora 22
Chris Smart has announced the release of Korora 22, a set of user-friendly, Fedora-based desktop Linux distributions with a choice of Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE 5, MATE and Xfce desktops: "It has been a long road to the Korora 22 (code name 'Selina') release and we're sorry that it....
 2015-08-01T22:09:19+00:00 Development Release: FreeBSD 10.2-RC2
Glen Barber has announced the availability of a test release for FreeBSD 10.2. The new release candidate, version 10.2-RC2, offers users a number of improvements to UEFI support, laptop suspend/resume and driver updates. Security updates discovered since the previous release candidate have been patched and more work has....
 2015-08-01T19:03:59+00:00 Distribution Release: Zorin OS 10
The developers of Zorin OS, a desktop distribution based on Ubuntu which strives to present a friendly interface for people transition from Windows, have announced the release of Zorin OS 10. The new release is based on Ubuntu 15.04 and features a new visual style with new fonts....
 2015-07-31T17:05:54+00:00 Distribution Release: blackPanther OS 14.1
The developers of blackPanther OS, a Hungarian distribution that originally forked from Mandriva, have announced the launch of blackPanther OS 14.1. The blackPanther distribution ships with the KDE 4 desktop and offers users a unified settings panel that combines KDE's System Settings and Mandriva's Control Centre. "We are....
 2015-07-31T02:37:20+00:00 Distribution Release: Oracle Linux 6.7
Oracle has announced the release of Oracle Linux 6.7, the latest release of the distribution's legacy branch based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7: "We're happy to announce the general availability of Oracle Linux 6 Update 7, the seventh update release for Oracle Linux 6. You can find....
 2015-07-30T19:22:11+00:00 Development Release: Ubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2
The Ubuntu Release Team has announced the availability of a new test release of Ubuntu's community distributions. These community distributions are independently maintained while sharing infrastructure and resources with Ubuntu. The new release, version 15.10 Alpha 2, is still under heavy development and is intended for testing purposes....
 2015-07-30T13:52:25+00:00 Development Release: Elive 2.6.8 (Beta)
The developers of Elive, a commercial distribution based on Debian which features the Enlightenment desktop, have released a new test release. Elive 2.6.8 Beta offers better touchpad support, fixes large fonts when using some NVIDIA video cards and makes Zsh the default command line shell. The release announcement....
 2015-07-30T07:38:43+00:00 Distribution Release: Webconverger 31.0
Kai Hendry has announced the release of Webconverger 31.0, the latest update of the project's specialist Linux distribution for web kiosks: "Webconverger 31 release. Two months ago was our momentous Jessie-based Webconverger 30 release and since then we've: fixed an issue with printing; pushed Firefox 39; further locked....
 2015-07-29T22:52:47+00:00 Development Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0 Test 2
Alan Baghumian has announced the availability of a second test release for Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0. The new development release, which carries the version number 8.0-TEST2, is based on Debian 8 "Jessie" and offers users UEFI support along with up to date versions of the GNOME desktop, LibreOffice and....
 2015-07-28T23:45:10+00:00 Development Release: NetBSD 7.0 RC2
Soren Jacobsen has announced the availability of the second release candidate for the upcoming NetBSD 7.0: "On behalf of the NetBSD project, it is my pleasure to announce the second release candidate of NetBSD 7.0. Some of the changes since 7.0_RC1 are: OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1p; BIND updated....

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