Pureftp Server Web interface or GUI Tools

The main purpose of these tools is easy to maintain pureftp server


PureUserAdmin is a Web-based aplication for easily managing the virtual users for Pure-FTPd servers, although it should be possible to use it with other FTP servers as long as they get user account information from MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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User manager for PureFTPd

User manager for PureFTPd allows administrators to easily create, change, or delete 'virtual' PureFTPd users. It comes with a set of very good documentation to help with the setup of PureFTPd, MySQL, and this application.

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Kpum is a KDE user manager for the pureftpd server. You can add, modify, and delete users (virtual users database pureftpd.pdb) of the pureftpd server.

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PureFTPd Manager

PureFTPd Manager is a small Cocoa frontend to PureFTPd for Mac OS X. It includes a wizard to easily set up your server, Rendezvous support to publish your server efficiently, and groovy interfaces for virtual users and hosts management.

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PureAdmin is a graphical tool used to make the management of PureFTPd a little easier. It is not dependent on a specific desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE, but is designed with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines in mind.

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Pureftp Webmin module

This is a webmin module for managing Pure-FTPd, virtual users and monitor users sessions. This module is designed to work with Pure-FTPd compiled with quotas, puredb, throttling, ftpwho and virtualchroot.

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