SQlite Database Server Web interface or GUI Tools


SQLiteManager is a multilingual Web-based tool to manage SQLite databases. It features multiple database management, creation, and connectivity, property and options management, table, data, and index manipulation, the ability to import data from a file, conversion from MySQL queries, view, trigger, and custom function management, and exporting of database structure and data.

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Simple SQLite Manager

Simple SQLite Manager is Web frontend for managing SQLite databases. It requires PHP 5.0.0 or higher to run.

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SQLite Admin

SQLite Admin is Web-based a front end to the SQLite database. This front end does all the normal things you would expect from a front end: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, etc

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WizSQLiteAdmin is a PHP script for managing SQLite databases. It is very simple to use.

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ezSqliteAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of SQLite over the Web

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phpSQLiteAdmin is a Web interface for the administration of SQLite databases

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SQLiteWebAdmin is a tool for the Web-based administration of SQLite databases, which have native support in PHP 5. You can manage multiple SQLite databases, create new databases, show and edit database properties, create new tables, show and edit table structures, browse table data, selecting table data, and show and add indexes.

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Knoda is a KDE database-frontend for DBase, Firebird, MS Access, MySQL, Paradox, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and ODBC. Besides tables, views, and queries, it also handles forms and reports, which are scriptable via Python.

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