VHCS2.4.7.1 ISP Control Panel Configuration Using Debain Packages

If you want to know the basics of VHCS click here

If you want to install VHCS2.4.7.1 from debian packages you need to enter the following source list to your /etc/apt/sources.list file

deb sarge main


deb sarge main

Now you need to update your source list using the following command

#apt-get update

After running this command you need to follow these steps to install VHCS

Now you need to install Mysql server using the following commands

#apt-get install mysql-server4.1 mysql-client4.1

Now it will prompt you some basic questions answer all the questions with you choices

Insert mysql root password

#mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD

Install VHCS2.4.7.1 Using Debian Packages

#apt-get install vhcs*

Now it will prompt you some basic questions and you need to answer very carefully how you want to configure VHCS.

Now you need to install VHCS Security patch

Details about this patch

This patch is for all VHCS versions.You have to update only one GUI file - /vhcs2/gui/include/login.php

Download from the below link