Starting and Shutting Down the X Window Graphical Interface

Logging in from a Command Line

You can log in from a command line if you configure Debian not to start the graphical interface automatically.

You can also start Debian in single-user mode, which does not include the graphical interface. If you press Ctrl-D from the log prompt in single-user mode, the graphical interface starts.

At the login prompt, type your user account name and press the Enter key. The password prompt displays.

Use the root account only for configuration or administration work.

Type the password for your user account. If you type an account name and password that are entered into the system, then a command prompt displays and you are ready to work. If the account name or password are incorrect, you return to the login promt

Starting X Window Graphical Interface From the Command Line

You must have the X Window System installed as well as a desktop and/ or window manager

Log in to a command line and typr startx . The X Window System starts and the login window displays.

Exiting the X Window Graphical Interface

You can Exit the X Window System and keep it running in the background.Close down a X Window System session that you started from the command line.

Keeping the X Window System Running in the Background

Press Ctrl-Alt-F1. A full screen command line displays with a login prompt.Log in. To return to the desktop, press Alt+F7. You return to your original user account.

Closing Down an X Window System

Open a command line from the panel.Log in as the root user.From a command line, type#/etc/init/d/gdm stop. Then press the Enter key. A full screen command line displays with a login prompt.