Menu in the X Window System

Since X environment can accommodate many window managers, their user interfaces vary quite a bit. Please remember that right-clicking the root window will bring up menu selections. This is always available.

To gain the shell command prompt, start Xterm from menu

"XShells" --> "XTerm".

For graphical browsing of the web pages, start Mozilla from menu

"Apps" --> "Net" --> "Mozilla Navigator"

For graphical browsing of the PDF files, start Xpdf from menu

"Apps" --> "Viewers" --> "Xpdf".

Keyboard sequence for the X Window System

Followings are the important keystrokes to remember when running the X Window System.

Ctrl-Alt-F1 through F6: Switch to other pseudo-terminals (from an X window, DOSEMU, etc.)

Alt-F7: Switch back to X window

Ctrl-Alt-minus: Change screen resolution in X window (minus refers to the keys on the numeric keypad)

Ctrl-Alt-plus: Change screen resolution opposite way in X window (plus refers to the keys on the numeric keypad)

Ctrl-Alt-Backspace: Terminate the X Server program

Alt-X, Alt-C, Alt-V: Usual Windows/Mac Cut, Copy, Paste keys combinations with Ctrl- keys are replaced by these Alt- keys in some programs such as Netscape Composer